Orange Juice isn’t just for drinking. It’s a great addition to foods and drinks, too! OJ’s natural sweetness, acidity and freshness add a distinctive flavor to food. Here are some exciting recipes with one special ingredient- OJ- to create magic on your plate! Try these recipes at home, we are sure you’ll be surprised at how versatile HomeMaker Orange Juice can be! We’re sure these will inspire you to rustle up some delicious recipes of your own too.  Please share them with us.

Delicious Food Recipes

Blueberry Orange Juice Bread



Baked Chicken Wings With Orange Juice


Cuban Chicken With Orange Juice



Orange Sesame Noodles With Grilled Shrimp


Orange Lettuce Wraps




Citrus Orange Waffles




15 Minute Nachos





Orange Pancakes with Citrus Sauce




Mouthwatering Drink Recipes

Tropical Fruit Salad with Passion Fruit Juice


Orange Creme Smoothie




Super-Powered Orange Juice




Iced Orange Ginger Green Tea