Iced Orange Ginger Green Tea



Iced Orange Ginger Green Tea



Green tea is choc-a-block with antioxidants and is perfect for detoxifying your system. This recipe makes use of HomeMaker OJ and a hint of ginger to create a superb, refreshing drink that’s the perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer afternoon. The Vitamin C, potassium and sodium content in the orange juice help neutralize free radicals.  When you can get goodness and deliciousness all rolled into one amazing drink, why look any further?

  • Ingredients

    • 2 cups of orange juice
    • ½ cups of lemon juice
    • 5 green tea bags
    • 2 tablespoons of ginger (finely grated)
    • 3-4 tablespoons of honey
    • 2-3 mint leaves for garnish
    • Ice

  • Drinkware

    • Strainer for tea
    • Pot to boil water
    • Pitcher
    • Glasses for serving

Preparation Instructions

You need to first start by making the green tea. Pour the water into a small pot and heat until it comes to a gentle simmer and almost reaches the boiling point.

  • Preparation Time

    • 10 Minutes

  • Servings

    • 2

Turn off the heat, place the green tea bags inside and cover the pot. You need to let the tea steep for around 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure you don’t steep it for too long because that will make the beverage too bitter.


Once the tea is ready, pour it through the strainer. Add the honey and mix the tea while it is still warm. This will make it easier for the honey to dissolve.  Set the tea aside to cool for a little bit.


Once the tea is sufficiently cool, add the lemon and orange juice to it and store thoroughly. Make sure all of the ingredients have blended together well before pouring the juice in a glass.


Add as many as cubes as you desire and place a few mint leaves in the glass for garnish.


You can use the same recipe with black tea as well if you don’t like green tea. The flavor of black tea will be stronger. You can also use pulpy orange juice instead of regular orange juice to add some texture to the beverage. This tea is also delicious without ginger so you can skip it if you don’t like the flavor of ginger. You can replace honey with other vegan alternatives if needed.

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