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With our focus on providing enjoyable meal time connection to families across the world, we recognize that there are many families in need who do not always have these opportunities. Since our company’s founding, we at HomeMaker Premium have made it our mission to help those experiencing homelessness.


As a matter of fact, this is the seed of thought that inspired us to name our brand, HomeMaker. It originates from our strong desire to help create housing opportunities for homeless men, women and children and give them the chance to have the kind of family connections that we see as essential to a healthy world.


Since 1991, we have been closely involved with Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida and this has been our path to help thousands of people find their way home. Should you wish to be part of the mission to help end homelessness, please click HERE. Your support and generosity is greatly appreciated.

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Our goal has always been to provide excellent quality OJs at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on the fact that millions of people enjoy a great glass of HomeMaker Premium Orange Juice in the comfort and safety of their homes every year.


Unfortunately, many people live without this comfort and safety. They don’t have a breakfast table, they don’t have a large family surrounding them, and in the worst of cases, they don’t have a place to call home.


As a company that believes in the power of family and family connection, we’re dedicated to helping people. Ever since we established HomeMaker Premium Orange Juice back in 1991, we have helped thousands of homeless individuals through our connection with the Coalition For The Homeless.


This charity does the work we believe in from the bottom of our hearts. They help individuals that are going through the hardest period of their lives. Charities like Coalition For The Homeless offer essential support to people without a place to call home.


The Coalition’s ultimate aim is to help people find permanent homes. They have ended homelessness for thousands of individuals in the past. The organization also provides other forms of essential support by offering education, temporary housing, training, job placement, showers, laundry, hygiene supplies, clothing, and nutritious meals.


We believe in their mission and offer help in every way we can. You can make someone’s life infinitely better by just offering a small contribution. If you want to help end homelessness, don’t hesitate to invest in or volunteer for such charities. Your support and generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Please Visit The Coalition for The Homeless