Orange Creme Smoothie



Orange Creme Smoothie



Smoothies are a great way to start your day on a healthy note and an amazing way to tame those mid-day hunger pains too. This HomeMaker OJ crème smoothie can be whipped up in minutes and your children will love it. Late for school and no time for a full breakfast? This smoothie should hold them for a few hours and will give them the perfect energy boost to start their day on a healthy note.

  • Ingredients

    • 1 ½ cups of orange juice
    • 1 cups of ice
    • 6 oz of vanilla Greek yogurt (opt for non-fat)
    • ½ a cup of almond or soy milk

  • Drinkware

    • Blender
    • Tall glass for serving

Preparation Instructions

Start by measuring out all of the ingredients. Once that is done, place the Greek yogurt, orange juice, almond/soy milk, and ice in the blender and blend. Keep blending it medium speed til the smoothie is creamy and doesn’t have any lumps.

  • Preparation Time

    • 10-15 Minutes

  • Servings

    • 2

Once the smoothie has your desired texture, pour it into a tall glass and serve it fresh. It’s not a good idea to let the smoothie sit for a long time because it might coagulate and develop a sour taste. Prepare the smoothie just before you intend to drink it.


You can add some mint leaves for garnish or add it directly to the smoothie for a hint of the herbal, minty taste.

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